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【En】What is Cranachan? A harmony dessert of whiskey and oatmeal. Yorumore's 20mins Oatmeal Cooking よるもあ

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【En】What is Cranachan? A harmony dessert of whiskey and oatmeal. Yorumore's 20mins Oatmeal Cooking よるもあ

This is kawaii desserts called Cranachan!

Cranachan is famous for its traditional Scottish desserts.
Whiskey and oatmeal are the best match.

This is famous traditional Scottish desserts, using whiskey and oatmeal,

1.Cost is about 1USD.
2.Calories are 403 cal. Low calorie and low fat. And low sugar 44g
3.For protein, 15g
4.Simple cooking that can be done in 20 minutes.
5.Gluten free
6.Prepare oatmeal, cream cheese, yogurt and your favorite fruit.
7.A delicious dessert that is moist and refreshing without using fresh cream.
8.Enjoyable eating without whiskey with your kids.

Cranachan ( Scottish Gaelic: Creannachan) is a farmstead about 2.5 miles north-east of Roybridge in Lochaber, in the Highlands, Scotland. Cranachan is in the Highland Council area and stands on the north bank of the confluence of the River Roy and the River Allt Glas Dhoire.

Hi,This is YORUMORE from JAPAN

Hi, this is YORUMORE, I'm Japanese.

I am enjoying oatmeal cooking.

I'm happy to share a fun recipe with you.

I learned English by myself.

The grammar and spelling may be a little different. DON'T care about this !

I'm sure your feelings are connected to you,

so I hope you can understand what I want to convey with your heart.

Super easy cooking and desserts completed in 20 minutes ★ Oatmeal challenge 5th month popular recipe ★

Do you have whiskey ?

Are you ready for cooking oatmeal?

Can you afford 20 minutes?

This is oatmeal "Kusukusu" (sorry, in Japanese)

丸ごと野菜とささみでクスクスっぽいレシピ| オートミールチャレンジ

本日のポイント1.クスクスっぽいオートミールになります。2.野菜をたっぷり食べることができる3.カロリーは520kcalくらいでおさまった4.簡単・時短でできあがり5.日本のスーパーにある材料ですぐ出 ...


This is the recommended whiskey for desserts and sweets.

I asked a person who knows whiskey well

To introduce you to the best match products
We asked the person who knows whiskey well (octopus who knows whiskey well) for his opinion.

His name is "Takopu", my respected blogger.

Octopus is my friend octopus (a blogger who is familiar with whiskey)

Mr.Takopu is an octopus who loves whiskey and is loved by whiskey.

He has drank more than 100 kinds of whiskey. And those who hold the second grade of whiskey test.

Takopu's blog has a variety of categories where you can learn how to drink whiskey, how to enjoy it, and history.

It is easy for beginners to read and is introduced in more detail. Please take a look.

*Sorry, in Japanese You can enjoy his pic for article.



I asked Mr. Takopu to choose two types of whiskey that suit this dessert. Both are affordable. This quality with this scent. I think this is not expensive.

Left side: Dewar's scotch whiskey white label
Right side: Chivas regal 12 years whisky


The notable benefits of whiskey are:

[Question] Is whiskey good for your health?

・ The calories are low.
・ I'm glad that it contains almost no purines.
・ The whiskey that has been aged for a long time in the barrel contains polyphenols derived from the barrel material and the aroma.
・ The scent is said to have the effect of relaxing the mind and body, similar to "forest bathing".

Reference: Suntory HP "Is whiskey good for your health? * in Japanese

Save on material costs, it's 1/5 less than a restaurant in Tokyo.

Notably, you can eat cranachan at the Imperial Hotel's afternoon tea in TOKYO service.

Also, if you are an Irish restaurant in Tokyo, you can find it on the menu for 1000-2000 yen(less than 9-12USD).

You can make it this time at a price of 1/10 to 1/5 of the price you pay for eating out.

Yes, it's so dessert, healthy, wallet-friendly recipe that saves a lot of money.

This recipe takes cost for...

oatmeal40g0.4 USD
cream cheese50g1 USD
yogurt100ml0.1 USD
frozen [or flesh] fruitup to you0.2 USD
yogurt sauce up to you 0.1 USD

Japanese super market SEIYU’s price  Dec/2021/JAPAN


Yorumore ordered two whiskeys recommended by TAKOPU.
Alright, we have all the ingredients.


丸ごと野菜とささみでクスクスっぽいレシピ| オートミールチャレンジ

本日のポイント1.クスクスっぽいオートミールになります。2.野菜をたっぷり食べることができる3.カロリーは520kcalくらいでおさまった4.簡単・時短でできあがり5.日本のスーパーにある材料ですぐ出 ...


Ingredients for a person

[★] Oatmeal 40g

[☆] Cream cheese 50g (as much as you like)
[☆] Yogurt (as much as you like)

Whiskey (as much as you like) * Do not use for children

Fruit (berries. Frozen or anything.) * Preference
Jam or yogurt sauce * Preference
Honey and sugar * Preference
■ Options ■
What you want to use for toppings (nuts, alazan, etc.)

I replaced it with cream cheese + yogurt to suit Japanese people and those who love fitness and muscle training.
If you don't care about calories, use fresh cream or custard.
Also, winter cream cheese can be hard and difficult to cook.
In such a case, try heating it softer than usual.
【English recipe】:Cranachan recipe | BBC Good Food

Today, Yorumore will have an oatmeal challenge to make and eat oatmeal lunch for 20 minutes during the lunch break!
Now it's Sunday afternoon lunch. I want to eat a delicious dessert called cranachan.

Let's cook delicious sweet dessert in a short time.

Turn the amount of oatmeal you eat into a frying pan or microwave.

After that, layer cream cheese, fruit, jam, etc. and put it in a bowl.

Finally, add a scent with whiskey.

Please see the procedure in the illustration.

Next, in the text, I will explain how to make it step by step.

Now, let's start cooking after simulating!

How to cook (Method) Let's organize your head with illustrations

It's very easy to do, first from image training.

Toast the oatmeal and mix the ingredients. Season with whiskey. that's all!

How to cook (Method) Let's organize your head with text

  • Keep the cream cheese at room temperature.
    (Or if it's 50g, microwave it for 5-10 seconds to soften it.)
  • Cream cheese alone is fine, but if you want to reduce calories, add your favorite amount of yogurt.
    (If you want sweetness, you can add honey or sugar)
  • Toast the oatmeal in a frying pan (until the color is brown a little)
    Alternatively, heat it in a microwave oven (toaster) until it is always colored.
Here is a summary article of recommended oatmeal and my favorite silicon steamer and cooking utensils.Sorry, in Japanese.

持続可能な開発目標SDGsエス・ディー・ジーズとはなんだろう? 20分で出来るオートミールレシピをご紹介してきて、時短調理は私にとって命綱です。今日は、ちょっといつもとちがって、時短調理とSDGsな調 ...


  • Layer berries, cream cheese, jam, oatmeal, etc. in order
  • If you like, add whiskey at the end to add aroma. It's done 🙂

It was a low calorie that was okay during the diet,
and it was 403 kcal. the protein is 11g.

The calories were only 403 kcal. The protein is 11g.

I was able to get protein with cream cheese and yogurt.

Mille-feuilles cake* of the same size is about 460 kcal, so it is considerably low in calories.
*I bought it in Japanese famous cake shop FUJIYA.

Approximately 12% calorie off.

Moreover, the protein has increased about 1.6 times.

Strawberry millefeuille
・ Protein 6.8g
・ Sugar 42.6g
・ Lipid 28.2g
FUJIYA in JAPANESE cake shop .co(I called and asked in DEC/2021 in JAPAN

Low carbs, 27% off carbs. The sugar mass is only 30g.

Let's take a look at sugar. It is summarized below.

cream cheese50g1.2g
frozen [or flesh] fruitup to you3.8g-
yogurt sauceup to you0.9g-

Compared to a similar size millefeuille cake
The result was a cut of about 27% in sugar.

Calorie calculation is based on the materials of the Japanese government
⇒See Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "Food Ingredients Database"
 *Sorry, in Japanese

Occasionally to muscle trainers and dieters who want to get drunk.
I know, you don't want to get fat... but TRY this one.

It took about 20 minutes.

Even if you cook

for your family, you can do it quickly.


How was the taste?

The aroma of oatmeal made the whiskey so delicious that it was so yammy !


This whiskey goes perfectly with the desserts.

The aroma of oatmeal spreads in your mouth like a cookie.

If you don't like whiskey, use maple syrup/mill etc instead.

Try adjusting the yogurt sauce and jam to reduce calories.

There is no cooking process such as "cutting / long time baking".

Yes, it is possible to make it with a small child.

I would also like to recommend it to those who are dieters who suddenly want to eat cake.

Satisfaction with oatmeal and moderate sweetness.

I am hungry and can take fruit vitamins.

The oatmeal was soaked with whiskey, and I felt it had a very luxurious taste.

I had dessert time in the afternoon on Sunday.

I felt a little relaxed and the aroma of whiskey was very relaxing.

For home parties with friends or for special occasion desserts.

Please try to cook it.

It was delicious even if I changed the berries.

Let's enjoy whiskey.

Low-fat, low-calorie, and low-carb whiskey desserts.

I wanted to eat such a fashionable dessert! !

This time, it was a plan that could not be realized without Mr. Takopu (my friend who is familiar with whiskey).

I'm really thankful to you(Thank you for lovely octopus)!!

It's delicious even if you mess it up at the end!

Experience the feeling of eating. Have a short YOUTUBE video in 30sec!

Thanks a lot, and have a lovely day with Yorumore Blog.
ARIGATO(Thank you in Japanese) !! love from Japan.

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